Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday, Monday

We spent the rainy day inside except for when we ran a short errand across the street and jumped in every puddle we could find. 

Taryn painted several times, we watched some Curious George clips online and played games like mancala -it's her favorite because of those fun little marble pieces. We had fun with her toys and a "new" toy that my landlords were going to get rid of- a new set of batteries and the interactive table is as good as new! 
We both took a long afternoon nap. 

Tyson called after his first day of his last semester (YEAH!) and told us he was coming home. I started to make dinner and Taryn wanted to help. So she sat on the kitchen floor next to me with her spice bottles, a pot, a few spoons, and a little water. She stirred, added her spices, and gave me some tastes of her creation. After each mommy bite, she asked, "Mommy, more?" and of course I ate more. When I asked her what she was making, Taryn responded with, "umm....sauce!"  
I think it was the sprinkles she added that really made her sauce perfect :)

After some delicious Tortilla Soups ...oh cilantro, how I love you... Tyson, Taryn and I played on our bed- jumping, hiding under pillows, tickling, and laughing.
We sang songs for FHE and talked about how we have two eye, hands, ears, and feet.
 Taryn recently decided that skipping around with her numbers while counting is the way to go. 
Tys: "Taryn, how many toes do you have?" 
Taryn: " 1..3...4...7...8..9...10!!!!"

This Monday was a great start to our week. I can't believe that Tyson will be done in less than 4 months- that seems like nothing!
Now that I've sorted through Tyson's China pictures, I will be sharing them this week!
This week is going to be good :)

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