Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the bus, Silly mommy, and the color green

Asleep on mommy
 Taryn will be two years on in just one month!

Taryn's favorite book right now is, "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the bus" It cracks us both up every time and she  quotes the lines before we even say them.

I love that she says, "Silly, Mommy!" while laughing if I've done something funny.

Everything is the color green ( it used to be yellow). She will request green crayons, the green spoon to eat with, and the green toys.

When she has done something wrong or is made,  Taryn gives me a big ol' scowl and frown.

Her boat
She discovered that she was in a boat after gathering together her blanket and sitting in the middle of it. "Mommy! Look, a boat!"

She couldn't stop talking about Daddy while he was gone. When we went for a walk, Taryn saw an airplane and said, "Daddy airplane! His coming!!!" and bounced up and down in her stroller. She loves him so much.

Constant twirling, running,  singing, and dancing.....and coloring and painting.

When she wants to show me something she says,  "Mommy...look! See??"

We're excited for our little girl to turn 2 years old soon!

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