Friday, January 18, 2013

He left for China

Tyson left for China 
Last weekend we said goodbye as T walked into the airport. We miss him so much! We are lucky that we have been able to get emails from him even though the Internet can be kinda crazy there. 
  We were worried that he was so sick before he left.  We didn't want him to be quarantined the second he landed in the China airport from what we've heard through out expert sources of China travel. Luckily, he got better super fast (thanks to prayers and a doctors visit!) He has worked so hard to go on this China trip and deserves every minute of the adventure he is having.

Now what to do with the almost two weeks without Tyson?

What Lil' T thinks of having Daddy gone.

We had a few big meltdowns the day Tyson left and I really did think, briefly, "How am I going to make it for 10 days?" It had gotten a lot better after that.

Randomly one night, Taryn was busy talking up a storm as usual and she said, "Daddy went bye bye on big airplane....reerrrrrrr (airplane sound & actions)" Too cute! She misses him so much

While sifting through photos and deleting/editing them, Taryn woke up from a nap and said, "DADDY!" when Tyson's picture came up. We spent the following minutes sitting on the couch flipping through pictures of Daddy.

She thinks any knocking sound is Daddy at the door. After hearing something, she came running up to the door and said, "DADDY!! BIG HUG!!!" but I told her that she can give him a big hug in a few days. Oh that hug is going to be so big and long! (from both of us!)

What B thinks of T being gone.
I really have the greatest family & friends. I have felt so looked after these past couple of days-
Dinners, calls, rides, texts, play dates, emails!
I am a blessed girl to have such wonderful friends who look out for me while my husband is away :)

 I called my Mom after Tyson had been gone for about 5 hours saying, "I miss him." She laughed sympathetically. She was very loving and has been talking to me lots :)

I thought keeping busy was the answer to killing time until he gets back but I learned real fast that it's great friends, family and taking things slow. We've been inside (for 4 days straight!!!!) because of all the rain, but neither of us have gone stir crazy... yet. Today is a promise of sunshine so we are going to be outside! Maybe we'll check out some of the Inauguration events going on in D.C. this weekend, too.

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