Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A visit on New Years Day, "The caramel apple talk" and Laguna Beach

     Tyson's parents drove from Arizona to come and see us in California while we were there. We missed a Christmas visit with them so they decided to come to us. They are so awesome! It warms my heart that Taryn can identify both sets of grandparents and give hugs and kisses to them all. I am a firm believer that about every six months you need a good family fill and it had been just about that long since we had seen either side of our family.

 Mike requested to see the famous "Caramel Apple Talk" beach, a.k.a, Laguna Beach. It has become a funny tradition that when a man comes to ask my Dad permission to marry one of his daughters, they take a walk, with a Rocky Mountain caramel apple in hand, down the boardwalk to "have a talk." :) So we drove to Laguna Beach,  walked down the boardwalk and made it just as the sun was setting. Oh, I just can't get enough of California sunsets. They never disappoint. Tyson told his parents of how my father had finished his entire apple but Tyson, who was doing all the talking, still had his complete apple in his hand as they sat on a bench together by the time they had finished talking (with my mom and I on the opposite side of the boardwalk  & me waiting oh so impatiently). 

 I LOVE watching these two talk.

Families are amazing and I feel very blessed to have two wonderful families in my life. I couldn't be a luckier girl to have such great in-laws who love us and we love them.

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