Monday, February 20, 2012

The story of our strollers

My workshop, fixin' Taryn's wheels

I keep coming to the conclusion that this is just the pits. No way around it. And quite frankly, I am really frustrated about it.

To think that we have a barely used & perfect stroller sitting in our storage unit in Arizona is killing me. I literally dream about it and kick myself for opting not to take it with us to Italy.

I thought with all that we were taking ( 8 big suitcases plus a baby) there was no way we could handle bringing a huge, heavy stroller. So we bought a cheap umbrella stroller in CA before we made the long trip to Thailand and Italy. And it was great. Until we got to Italy (remember this and this?) We broke that one (AGH! romantic cobblestone!) and yup, you guessed it, we broke our new Italy stroller too (AGH! the snow did it this time!)

We came home from church on Sunday with the stroller like this. Tyson was trying to get it to move. Now you may look at this picture and say, "Silly girl. Just pop the rubber back on!" But the rubber is stretched out now and won't stay on. The first picture was when I tried to stuff something inbetween the plastic & the rubber to get the tension tight enough to work. By the time we had walked 3 ft., it was moving off again. Both wheels look like this on each side. Why aren't all the wheels solid plastic like the other 6? I have no clue.

In the beginning, we were really happy we chose to have a light weight stroller because it was so easy to get on and off the bus, put it on the trains, and travel in other peoples cars & in a taxi. On the buses with the poles in the middle of the door way, our stroller could just barely make it by. I kept thinking "What if we had brought the bigger stroller?!" But now, I wish we had.

We have 3 1/2 months left in Bologna and everything we do is by foot. While I try to figure out how to get replacement wheels (if even possible) Julie is letting us borrow her umbrella stroller. We are very grateful for that!

Our neighbors have convinced us that this stroller is the way to go. Why didn't I think of that before we bought our travel system. Hello!?! Girl who loves to run not buying an all-purpose stroller!? Still kicking myself.

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