Tuesday, February 21, 2012


For Valentine's Day, Taryn received some cute heart stickers from her cousins (Thank you Nataliegh, Ethan, Jacob & Oliver!) We put them on the fridge at eye level for Taryn and she has loved them. She proudly trotted around the house showing off the sticker I had put on her blouse too. It made me excited to purchase those magnet Alphabet letters so she can play even more some day. Aren't they a staple in every household? I've been baking a cake and making frosting for my baby's 1st birthday tomorrow. And my house is completely covered in decorations for her big day. The grocery store clerk said "Auguri!!" when I told them her birthday was tomorrow and Taryn made funny faces at her making us all laugh. And, in honor of National Pancake week in the U.S., I made Puff Pancakes (dutch babies, Hawaiian Pancakes etc..) for dinner.

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