Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Thursday

Taryn wasn't happy during this photo because she wanted the camera. But besides these couple of seconds, she did so well the whole time while being in the snow.

Gotta keep the baby warm!

Thursday we went to Julie's. It was still snowing but I was excited to go out to Ponticella and visit with her & her cute kids. Another perk was having Tyson come with me this time because usually he's in school. The bus was afraid to cross the bridge into the small neighborhood so we were dropped off at the entrance to it. Luckily it's not a long walk to her house and I LOVED walking in the snow. It was so pretty. The smell of snow is amazing to me. (I know- some people think it's funny when I say this but it's totally true! Snow has a smell!)

We had fun at Julie's, like always! She is really too good to us. Tyson drew cars from the movie "Cars" for the boys and they were completely in love. I had no idea that Tyson had such a talent for drawing cars. Julie & I were seriously impressed. We found out that Taryn is scared to death of Santa Hats. Jordan, the cute 3 year old I teach in nursery, put his Babbo Natale hat on and walked around the house looking as cute as can be. As soon as Taryn turned around and saw him she started screaming, shaking, crying, and backing up as fast as she could. I have never seen her so terrified. I feel bad for saying this but while holding her and telling her it was ok, I started laughing. Bad mommy. Maybe she remembers her encounter with Babbo Natale in December? Taryn also let "Aunt Julie" hold her for a record breaking amount of time. Progress people!

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