Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Customer Service

It's been 10 days since our stroller we bought here in Italy broke. Our good friend let us borrow her stroller while I was in contact with the stroller company. I didn't know if I would have to pay for new wheels or if they would even bother to contact me.

I am a firm believer that every company should have excellent customer service. Let me tell you what the wonders of AMAZING customer service are. I received a prompt response from customer service asking for pictures and a description of the stroller . I promptly emailed them with pictures. Then I received a phone call telling me they didn't have replacement wheels for the stroller but before I could get upset & sad, the very nice lady told me that they would be sending me a whole new stroller. And then she emailed me a picture of what it would look like because it was going to be a different model. I was so stoked. And I didn't have to pay for anything.

The stroller arrived 2 DAYS LATER. And it was decked out with everything!
I almost wish I had broken the stroller earlier :)
Extra Bonus Features we didn't have before:
Rain shield
Wind Breaker
Bumper Bar

Updated Features:
Reclining seat and footrest
Canopy with storage pouch and "window" so I can see Taryn
Storage basket
Padded handle bars for me
Better one-step breaking system
Can you tell how super excited we are? We assembled it immediately and Taryn kept trying to climb in even before we had the wheels on. Once she was in, she sat back, kicked her little feet, and relaxed, ready for the ride home.

All we ask it that it lasts us for another 3 months.That's really all we need. We would be delighted to have it last even longer than that though!

P.S. Today (Wednesday) was the complete opposite of yesterday (Tuesday). Yesterday was a crazy busy stressful day for both Tyson and me. I wasn't even "there" in my Italian class (and was called out on it) because of some things I really needed to take care of (and have been stressed about) Taryn didn't sleep much for Tyson who was feeling deeply drained of all energy. Etc....
But today has been a wonderful sunny 70 degrees day. Taryn and I took our second LONG LONG walk around the city, calmly strolling through the perfect weather and people watching. Tyson will be watching the U.S.A vs. Italy soccer game. He's been looking forward to this for a long time. And he may have asked for a sweet U.S.A jersey for a future birthday. The new designs are so amazingly awesome. We were both drooling over this one and this one last night.


  1. woo hoo! That is amazing! I always say, it never hurts to ask...
    And a friend told me that you would be surprised what companies will do to have your loyalty, but they don't just advertise that, you have to ask.

    good on ya! That is awesome.
    My friends stroller broke, and so she asked, and they said she had to destroy the old one and they had to have proof before they sent her a new one. (it was a super expensive one and they didn't want her to sell the old one for parts and have a new one) so she showed the serial number on it on a video and then took a sledge hammer to it, and totally destroyed it, and sent the video in. Isn't that hilarious?

    Anyways, happy Day!

  2. okay that is one amazing stroller!! so glad it was taken care of for free! woot!