Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We went to Imola on Sunday to visit with Raffaella as a part of Visiting Teaching. Visiting teaching is a church organized program where you have a companion and a couple of ladies to which you teach, talk with, help, and reach out to within the Relief Society. I have loved having visiting teachers and have also learned so much from visiting teaching others.
Imola is 30 km away from Bologna and we had set up a time to visit on a Sunday which would allow us to work around school and work schedules. Raffaella thought it would be fun to have a big Italian lunch as well as a visit.

Raffaella has a wonderful home in the country side where you can see apricot trees, vineyards and miles and miles of farmland. She also a section of her home that is a Bed and Breakfast and Raffaella is a wonderful cook. I told Tyson that I want my dream kitchen to look just like hers. A true classic Italian cucina through and through, down to the tiles that lined the walls and the beautiful antique ovens. She bakes her own bread and makes the most amazing meatballs and sausages.

Sarah is Raffaella's 11 year old daughter and she taught me so much about the Italian countryside. Tyson said he was told that the best way to learn a new language is by listening to the children. It was the best Italian lesson I have ever had. I loved walking through their backyard as Sarah pointed out herbs, fruit trees, and explained the house set up and picked a beautiful Marghertia flower for Taryn. Taryn and I loved the time we had outside with Sarah gazing that the vinyards, their little bamboo forest, and pear trees after the brief thunder and lightening storm.

Taryn was a real trooper. Sunday's are so hard for a baby who needs her two naps in the day. 9 am church doesn't allow for them so it always proves to be the most exhausting day. She took a short nap in the car to and from Imola but by the end she was far spent.

We shared a message about having Positive attitudes and enjoying this life, our journey that we have. I have to constantly remind myself to find joy in the moment, or focus on the good of the day and not the bad. Because all to often, I find it's easiest to be negative and only want to focus on what went wrong that day/week etc..

We shared some scriptures together and spoke honestly about our hardships in life. These wonderful women always have such a bright continence, you would never think that they were struggling as well. But everyone has their personal struggles. It's just what you choose to make of the hardships on a daily basis that can help you enjoy life more. I have to remind myself of this constantly.

The beautiful images of this past Sunday will always be apart of my sweet memory of Italy.
I love all the friendships that we cultivate throughout life.

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