Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm never allowed to cut his hair again.

This was the second time I attempted to cut Tyson's hair. Since being here, he has had one professional haircut because it was what he wanted to Christmas. The other two have been done by me with Paige helping the first time and today, I tried my hand at it again. Tyson didn't like the first time I cut it so I was shocked when he agreed to let me cut it again.

I failed. BIG TIME. It took 1 1/2 hours to cut Tyson's hair. I was so nervous about making a mistake and I knew Tyson was going to have to wear this hair cut around Italy. Tyson was nervous, I was nervous, and we both had no idea what to do. I was trying to piece together what Tyson was telling me and also trying to not give him a big ol' bald spot. I was trying to go slow to prevent a major catastrophe. But in the end, we just gave him a buzz cut. The ultimate sign of failure. He doesn't look like himself anymore and I feel really bad. Not that he isn't still handsome, but I realized how much I love Tyson's thicker than a redwood tree hair.

As I finished up, we were both laughing at his Mr. T style phase of hair before I completed the buzz. I'm really glad he started laughing because I would've started crying. I'm not one of those amazingly talented wives that can cut their husbands hair, or their boys hair. I will never do it again. I've tried twice and each time it was super super stressful. Oh boy...

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  1. The great thing about hair--especially his hair-- is that it grows FAST!!! Did I ever tell you about the time when I forgot to put the guard on the clippers and put a big old BALD strip up the back of Travis's head!?! I don't cut hair anymore either....but hair grows back :). Tell Tys that Andrew BEGS me constantly for a buzz cut so Andrew will think that's AWESOME!