Sunday, February 19, 2012

Icicles and curls

The view of the snow from my Italian class after days of melting.

On my walk to school I thought about how the first snow was so beautiful and how I loved the sound of crunching snow under my feet. But now, it's all dirty and really gross, especially the piles on the side of the road before you go into a shop. They are always filled with a billion cigarette butts. Disgusting. The rain is supposed to come and wash it all away tomorrow. (followed by more snow maybe)

We had the most amazing icicles everywhere around the city. The ones outside of our bathroom window were the coolest ever and for whatever reason, the man above us made it his job to hit the icicles off this roof everyday with a broom. And he was always very angry about it. Caution tape surrounded lots of buildings and at first I thought this was very silly until I heard my first crashing icicle. I no longer think it's silly. Those icicles could kill. I worried about the poor cars that were snowed in, parked under roofs. Seeing how much damage the tennis ball sized hail did to my (sister's) Jeep I could only imagine what damage they were capable of. Let alone, us walking under buildings.

Deadly, no?

And on a different ...this little girl has curls! I know that I've said I was excited before but now that they have grown more and I am still so happy! I kinda don't like putting bows in her hair anymore because I want them to be seen, not covered.

no- she doesn't have a bald spot- it's just a bad flash from the camera

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