Monday, February 20, 2012

A party for two little girls at Julie's

Julie planned a birthday party for Taryn & Ada and we celebrated this past Saturday. The house was decorated with tissue paper streamers that Paige made, Julie made amazing filled cupcakes and a butterfly cake all from scratch, Paige made delicious bread (I want the recipe!) and a yummy fruit salad, and I brought Creamy Tortellini Soup. We took turns using the high chair for each girl to have their cupcake eating experience. We sang to both of the girls in English & Italian and blew out candles twice. I'm glad we had Jordan & Aaron to help the girls blow out the candles because even though we have been practicing her blowing skills, Taryn didn't know what to do.
She was very "dainty", Mike Anderson said, as she started to eat her chocolate cupcake

Then, after only one cupcake, came the sugar coma.
Julie made the cutest bags for the girls as their presents. She has a real talent for sewing and I think it's so great what she can do! (Picture to come!)

After we left, Tyson and I talked about how fun the party was and how we loved that everyone had a part in it. Thanks Julie for hosting us and going above and beyond!

More birthday fun to come later this week!

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