Saturday, December 3, 2011

What makes it Christmas

Simple and sweet- our little tree

What makes it Christmas in our apartment? " A Christmas tree.", declares Tyson. Not a drawing of one (what I was planning on doing) but a actual tree that we could decorate with real ornaments. Being his only request this far as decorations go, I knew that we would have to hunt down an inexpensive, stands on it own, no crayons or colored pencils involved, christmas tree. It's a great thing we live close to several Open air Christmas markets because we were able to have a Family night last night, made up of finding our tree and some other keepsakes for our future christmases.

We found our little tree for 3 Euros and purchased some ornaments to decorate it with. After the tree was set up and decorated, I was walking around the house and came back into the kitchen where it was the first thing to catch my attention. I'm glad we have this little tree, because it does make our apartment feel more like Christmas.
The millions of pieces you can select to build your own nativity. It's pretty cool

I have realized here that it's the small things we do daily that make a big difference in the end. Making this season something important (i.e. decorating, activities, hot chocolate drinking) has made for a greater, happier season for us already. It's been hard for me to put money into things that I know we probably won't be able to take back to the States with us (christmas tree, decor..) but if I don't, I know this would be a harder adjustment for us living here. I'm happy there are Euro (dollar) stores here (I don't feel too bad spending only a couple of Euros to have a festive apartment and getting in touch with my inner Martha Stewart- and it doesn't break our bank!)

December 3rd : The Polar Express Movie
Scripture reading: Matthew 1:18-23

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  1. Oh! I hope you find some fun things to bring back home to remind you of this special Christmas in Italy. (p.s. Can you find something fun for Mom, too? Maybe an Italian Santa?)