Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thoughts from the weekend

Some of the last shots I got before all the leaves fell of the trees in Giardini Margherita

Saturday morning our little family had a lot of fun wandering through shops and seeing different parts of Bologna. Sunday we stayed at church to see a baptism and then because there was a soccer game the buses weren't running and we got to take a long walk home. I enjoyed the walk (even in high heels- oh my feet hurt after!) You see different parts of the city when you take it by foot. That's a walk I wouldn't mind taking again, in my running shoes. Monday it rained which was lovely. Sometimes wet walk ways and cloudy days can be perfect! It did stop raining long enough for me to run some errands which was always great. I felt very productive with my laundry, cleaning the bathroom ( which involves scrubbing with a tooth brush!), cooking and baking, and Italian homework.

Taryn associates "kisses" with the actual action now and she's getting closer to hitting the double digit months! When she walks she leads with her right foot so she kinda looks like she's doing a country dance move as she moves across the floor- really cute!

My Italian teacher is sick (SAIS plague round two! Everyone is getting sick! Increase vitamin C STAT!) so class is canceled today and tomorrow. It's bittersweet because I really enjoy my teacher and classmates but I have a lot to get done before week's end. I few more hours in the day is welcomed and Tyson will have more time to cram in homework and studying before our church Christmas party this weekend.

December 13th
Scripture Reading: Isaiah 9:7
Activity: Wrapping some family gifts

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