Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Ciao, patatina!"

Taryn updates!

*She has a fake laugh and loves to copy us after we laugh
*Taryn can skooch her way off the bed, backwards
*She is getting better everyday at walking further and further!
*She points to everything- but mainly Daddy
*Not only does she want to spend every moment in the swings but also loves to go down the slide
now- over and over again!
*Dances to any beat- or to the sound of her own talking voice!

She's repeatedly spoken to on the street, at church, or the grocery store with words like,

"Ciao! Patatina! (Hello, little potato!)
"Che bella! ( What a beauty!)
"Amore!" (Love!)
"Bellissima" (Beautiful)

Who knew that being called a little potato was a term of endearment!

December 7th- Holiday treats - Negretti (marshmellow cream covered with chocolate and placed on a wafer cookie) I loved them. Tyson doesn't care for marshmellow though
Scripture Readings: Matthew 2:3-9

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  1. I'm totally going to tell Jaydo about the little potato thing ;) She is a sweetie!