Monday, December 5, 2011

Cars, trains, buses, and walking

Taryn dressed and ready for church- bright and early!

Tyson standing outside the home where we ate our Sunday Lunch

This dinner took place a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to mention it and now I'm playing catch up! Friends from the ward invited us to there home for dinner in a small town outside of Bologna. It's always an adventure as we make our way out there and back and I never get tired of the amazing views and new places I learn about. Taryn instantly fell asleep in the car seat without a single cry because sometimes Sundays make for long, napless mornings and afternoons. We had a bit of a drive ahead which was lovely because of the company- Danielle and Nausica. They live with Nausica's parents, those who were hosting the get together, and have been married for 1 1/2 years. They are a great, strong couple and just like in Thailand when we met that other special couple , Tys and I know that they will be so beneficial to the Church's growth in the coming years We enjoy getting to know them through our car rides (Mestra Stake Conference too!)
The beautiful curving roads- notice the Snow sign? I'm keeping my fingers crossed we can see some snow- just once- and long enough for us to get a picture!

I'm learning what Italian lunch time is all about. Sundays make for long lunches with those you love and it's served in courses. I've learned that Italians don't pass food and serve themselves, they are served food plated for them, which makes for one busy mom and usually one other helper dishing up everyone's food. But this is how they do it, so it doesn't bother anyone. First is Pasta- usually lasagna. Second is meat and vegetables, and Third is the dessert which is something small and light, finished with bowls and bowls of fruit. I enjoy these lunches and the wonderful hospitality of the Italians. There always seems to be an invitation to lunch, and offer for a ride, or someone just offering a helping hand- or even a seat on the bus.

We rode the train back to Bologna and from there took a bus to our apartment. Cars, trains, buses and walking! That's how we get around!

December 5th
Activity: Christmas Season Brainstorming
Scripture Readings: Matthew 2:1-2


  1. Brianna,
    These are such special memories. I've always thought that seeing a country through the eyes of the locals is the best way to get to know the land and the people. What a special opportunity you have to really experience ITALY!

  2. p.s. What a DARLING outfit! I wish I had it for Nataleigh

  3. Mom took me to Children's Orchard with Jen after Taryn was born (shock! She's a girl! We need clothes!) And I couldn't believe the awesome finds there! Cardi's, amazing dresses, and cute shirts- all so afforable! I think I might go back everytime I'm in California now! And I totally agree! It's through the locals that I've learned the most about cooking and traditions and about the land of Italy. It's very exciting!