Thursday, December 22, 2011

A little cleaning and a big break (kinda)

3rd Picture taken of the Piazza Maggiore Christmas tree. (3 different lightings!)

Thursday marked the first day of Tyson's winter break. We wish we could say he was done with finals and all his cares for school are put to rest until he returns, but no, because of the unique Bologna schedule, he won't take his finals until January (In D.C. he'll take them before break- yeah!) . So this break will be a break of sorts. He will take a couple of days off of studying while we travel and Taryn and I will get to see him more than normal! But there are readings and a project to work on (and don't let me forget my Italian homework!)

We cleaned the church on Thursday morning. In the midst of mopping, toilet scrubbing and sweeping Tyson peeked his head into the room I was cleaning and said, "Merry Christmas Jesus. We cleaned the church!" Although I did giggle at this comment I thought of how great it was that we were able to perform this little act of service for our Church building, His house of Worship. I credit Julie for putting this together while the boys are out of school (Anderson's cleaned too!). Many hands really does make light work!

We tried Kebab Indian sandwiches on Nan last night. It was a great break from our normal eats at home. I couldn't believe that there were more than 5 Kebab shops down San Vitale in a row- and I had to try to choose one based on the outer appearance! Harder than it sounds.  So much food for very little money. That's what we like! 
December 22nd
Scripture Readings: Luke 2: 19-20
Activity: Cleaning our Church Building with friends

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