Friday, December 23, 2011

10 Months, Blue eyes, & an orange nose

A little of Taryn's dancing to Christmas music. I love that she sticks out her little bum.

Our little ten month old had turned into a huge cuddlier! Maybe it's the cold weather? Maybe she realizes how much we LOVE her kisses and hugs and snuggles? Whatever it is I hope it she stays this cuddly for a long time. If we're just standing or sitting she will come and hug our legs or if we kneel down she will walk up to us and put her arms out and once she's in our arms, makes a "ahh"sound. (Those are the best hugs ever- she's always smiling too!)

She makes a kissing noise (think- "hummm") and pulls her lips in when we say "Kisses." The best is when she has a runny nose or food all over her mouth when she "kisses" us- I think she likes to share :) She has 3 1/2 teeth, the 4th one is just starting to poke through finally, and has bitten her upper and lower lips already making them bleed!

She's getting the whole "high -five" thing (at least- knowing to have her palm flat and facing us). She thinks it's pretty funny when we clap our hands against hers.

I think it's amazing when you can watch this little person make connections with the words we say to her. Mom, Dad, ball, water, tiger (her favorite stuffed animal) etc... I wouldn't be surprised if one of her first words (beside momma and dadda) is cheese. This girl loves her cheese. Tyson laughed when he couldn't keep up with her-cutting little pieces and putting them on her tray. She was inhaling them! He kept reminding her to "breathe!" She gets excited whenever she sees the big block of yummy cheese come out of the fridge! Haha!

I went to the grocery store without Taryn today- she was napping and Tyson was reading. One of my favorite grocery store clerks asked me, in Italian, where my daughter was. I told her she was at home. She then said, "Oh! She has the bluest eyes!" And I explained to her that Taryn has her father's eyes. The grocery store clerks are all so sweet to Taryn whenever we walk in and it's fun to see them and hear their warm greetings almost everyday.

This past month I've really noticed her Orange Nose!!! Can you tell who's been eating too many "orange" foods! (oops! I guess that's my fault!)

December 23rd
Scripture Readings: Luke 1: 28-33
Activity: Checking some movies off of our "Christmas List"

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