Friday, December 9, 2011

Sunshine and Bottom Teeth

Tyson discovered a new set of teeth today in Taryn's mouth! Her bottom teeth decided to start poking their way through and this time around was a lot better than last time with sleep, medicine, and attitudes ( for her and me!).

We played at Julie's yesterday and had a great time in the sun. The warmer weather is rare during the winter so spending time outside was on the list of things to do. By the time we went back inside I had taken off the layers on Taryn because it was just too hot for a hat & jacket on top of her long sleeve shirt.

Trying the roasted chestnuts didn't happen because Taryn went to bed early after missing a nap today and Tyson said after he heard of my experience with roasted chestnuts, it wasn't worth it to waste money on something he most likely wouldn't like. If he ever wants to sample some on a whim, I will support it, but I might not join in! I still remember buying some with my family in London as we entered the underground. We deshelled them and put the innards in our mouths and then proceeded to spit them out after only a few seconds, even my mom. Bleh! I remember trying so hard to get that taste out of my mouth- makes you want to try some huh? :)

December 9th
Activity: Experience real "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire"
Scripture Reading: Helaman 14:4-6

All the kids playing outside together at Julie's on a gorgeous- not so common- warm winter day. I enjoyed not being cold without my jacket on. Nothing like some good ol' vitamin D. (Taryn's on the blue bike)

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