Thursday, December 15, 2011

Seeing something new

We took a a walk down Via dell'Indipendenza to check out an upcoming December Advent activity. We're really excited for it and can't wait to share our little family adventure with you next week! (Next week!?!? That means Tyson will be on break!?! WHA!!!)

We found Parco de Montagnola, a park that sits on top of the city of Bologna, well, at least it's raised above the city on a "mountain" and provides beautiful views of the surrounding city. We were told when we first arrived that we should never be their after dark (specifically no where near Piazza dell' Otto Agosto). We were then told again by the missionaries of our church ( who live near Piazza dell' Otto Agosto) to not go there at night,. Ok- so we're supposed to avoid this place like the plague at night? Gotcha. But what about the day? And if you're with someone else- buddy system right?

Nothing seemed to out of the ordinary. Paige and I let our girls pay at the great park- they enjoyed swinging and sliding and walking in the leaves as they crunched under their tiny feet. Perfect afternoon activity. As we were leaving the park we noticed a Police car with lights on, about 1/2 a dozen policemen and a couple of dogs. Come to find out, they were drug sniffing dogs. And do you know what? Those dogs are really good at finding what they are looking for. When the policeman held up the bag of white powder he found in the bushes and shouted to his fellow policemen , it clicked... maybe we shouldn't be here ever? :)

I had to laugh. We were shocked about what took place right in front of us on what was just an ordinary day at the park. The park was beautiful and so are its surroundings. But I don't know how often I will be visiting that park again...

The amazing carvings you see as you prepare to walk up the grande staircases on either side.

Bits from the tiny flea market

Taryn looking like a two year old.

December 15th
Activity: Preparing for our upcoming Christmas Event!
Scripture Readings: Mosiah 16:6

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  1. We found drugs in our bush once too! No drug sniffing dogs, though. We promise it's safe to come back to our house! That was a long time ago and we're pretty sure the culprit whose stash we found doesn't live here anymore :) LOVE Taryn's mittens!!!!!