Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our family Gingerbread House of 2015

I seriously think it's a miracle that we get any pictures of Taryn with clothes on and there are no words for the other faces at the table ! :)

We attempted to make a Gingerbread House again this year and it went SO much better than this year and everyone participated unlike this year. We walked away having actually had a lot of fun! I never thought gingerbread houses would be our thing but they are growing on us.

The girls loved eating all the candy but they also loved helping put the candy on the house (luckily we got some candy on there before it was devoured by their little hands and mouths) They each decorated a little gingerbread man any way they wanted and it was so cute to see how intently focused they were. Haddie just wanted to make sure he had his buttons on and Taryn was all about using the little red frosting tube on her gingerbread man. They both surprised me with how well they did. 

I think Tyson and I both had a lot more patience than in years past because the roof and sides of the house came already "glued together." That saved us a lot of headache!!!! All we had to do was decorate and we were super happy about that! No trying to hold the roof up with different sized mugs :)

because getting them to smile for the camera actually takes a lot of work sometimes….

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