Sunday, January 24, 2016

More date nights! :)

I can't remember where we were headed for this day date but those moments we have for just us two are a lot of fun and I'm grateful for those times I remember to snap a picture (and with those short sleeve shirts- it must have been from several months ago.)
 I read in my journal from past years, I believe shortly after Haddie was born, that I wanted to make date nights important. We've done a great job in the past year + of taking the time out of our busy schedules to make time for dates. Because you can't just sit on the couch and watch shows every weekend! 
We've have our list of babysitters and my sister Brittany (whom we exchange with) which makes it possible and we are so grateful. We've always known that date nights are important but until we really made it a point to GET OUT & OFTEN and set aside a small amount for our "Date night" fund, it never really happened. 
 I love that we've made it a goal and it's strengthened our marriage even more. Plus, who doesn't love getting ready for a date?! I still get giddy, as cheesy as it sounds. 

Sometimes it's simple, like just grabbing dinner. We tried a local diner a few months back, because we couldn't remember the last time we ate at a real diner, and we've always seen this place PACKED. Tyson said that was the best burger ever and I ordered total comfort food- what you would except from a diner. Finishing off the meal with a slice of pie is just what you have to do. 
Now onto a a new year and healthy eating so we won't be seeing much of those burgers in our future but at least we have a picture to remember!

We went to a fun wedding recently and took these pictures in a "photo booth" to be apart of the sign in book for the Bride and Groom. It was a small wedding in an old Lorton Valley prison turned art gallery. It was amazing and so much fun. I love small weddings. You really feel the love of everyone around you for the bride and groom and they are always so special and fun! 
I joked as we drove up that it was the perfect place for something creepy to happen as it was under development (lots of trucks, freshly plowed open land and construction going on) so when I found out that our destination used to be a prison work house, it all made sense!

When it was 38 degrees outside one weekend, we decided that the best thing for us to do on our date night was Mini Golf. Maybe the cold air is finally settling in for us because we weren't that cold and being one of two couples on the course made it that much better. I was rocking it for 3/4 of the game. Then I think Tyson some how took my good luck (it was the kiss that did it….) and at one turn it took me 13 strokes to get that dumb ball to go in the hole. At least it made us both laugh…a lot…so embarrassing! 

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