Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Time for the Trains again! Christmas at the Botanic Gardens 4 years in a row!

Every year we love going to the Botanic Gardens in D.C. to see their train display. This is our 4th year going and the theme this year was "Pollination Station." It never disappoints! 

We may not all look our best but hey….getting the kids to look at the camera let alone smile during this outing was like pulling teeth. But can you blame them?! The surroundings were nothing short of amazing. 

Haddie's new go-to pose and Taryn's photo bomb.

It seemed like this year was a lot harder to find time to get out and do these activities with the rain and other events going on. You'd think that with perfect 70 degree weather we would have been able to go to the Zoolights but it rained on the days we could go so sadly, this is the first year we missed it. Thankfully we know we have at least a few more years of Zoolights ahead of us! 

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