Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My funny little girls

Lots of these pictures are from months ago but I was just sorting through our pictures and I love these!!!
That couch- it was an eye sore for me for months. It came with our house and it was broken, but until we had something to put in it's spot, it stayed. The day the garbage man took it away, I cheered! Slowly we are making great changes. 

When we pick up Taryn from preschool, Haddie always goes in for a huge hug! I love that she is so excited to see her sister after only a few hours! Recently they came up with their own special greeting- a way to make each other giggle. They say to each other, "look at my funny face!" then they do a funny little dance where they jiggle around making silly noises. It makes both of them laugh and I love it!

She is our Daddy's girl. This past Sunday, when Tyson got home from meetings, Haddie followed him around all upstairs and downstairs. It was the cutest thing. She loves her Daddy!

These sweet girls and their lunch break. Scootering and running around at the park is serious work. 

I love the selfless I find on my phone. 

Or the crazy faces this one loves to make!

I was making dinner one Saturday and Haddie couldn't wait. She grabbed a yogurt from the fridge (besides milk, thas what she loves to take out) and plopped down in-between my legs to eat it. It didn't phase me until Tyson came in the kitchen and started laughing and then snapped the picture. 

Tyson does bed time and the girls love it. I love that they get to spend special time with Daddy and associate a specific time of the day with him. If I try to put them to bed on nights Tyson is gone, it usually is a lot harder and the girls cry for daddy. Oh well- I 'll just remind myself that they really love their Daddy time :)

I believe this was Thanksgiving day eve. Our girls discovered the great fun of having Daddy do "under dogs" while they swing. 

Taryn constantly lines up her animals for a show, or just to put them in order, and asks me to take a picture of them. 

"Mama, I wah mor bra-kee peas!" I was happy to meet this little princess's request!

I think we were getting ready to leave and Taryn must have let Haddie out side. Haddie sat on our step and started singing to herself. So cute!

Taryn's preschool took a field trip to the fire station and she enjoyed the coloring book and fire hat they gave out after. They dressed up for the kids in full fire gear and kept reminding the kids not to be afraid if a person dressed like them came to help them from a fire. I never realized that I child would be terrified of this "monster" looking creature coming for them while the house was on fire .Good to know. 

We visited Tyson's new office and Daddy let the girls draw whatever they wanted on his giant white board. Taryn drew those pictures (back in early October) and wrote her name and "Dad." Tyson still has it on his white board (I wrote the "we heart daddy.")

My sister gave me some nursing pads that she didn't need so I could give them to my friends who just had babies. Well, the girls were super quiet while I was upstairs, then they started laughing really hard. I came downstairs to this. I let them play for a few more minutes, then we made a game out of sorting them out again. 

Taryn loved it. Haddie hated it. 

Institute fun!

I wish I could say, "Taryn was so sweet to push her sister and Haddie loved the ride." But I think Taryn did it to tease Haddie because Taryn was laughing and Haddie was screaming her head off (maybe it was a good thing I snapped this picture right before the screaming started)

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