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Christmas Eve & Day 2015

These two friends in their Christmas dresses! They have become such great friends over the past few months. They play so well together now and its really fun to see them at the park, running around together and talking. THey have such a sweet little friendship. 

Right here they saw Ethan, Olivia's brother, coming up to them at full speed. I love their excitement of seeing him coming to play after church. Because, you know, the cultural hall after church is the best hang out ever. Especially without shoes, apparently. 

Tyson had a do a little shopping right before Christmas so he went out and texted me this picture. I guess Rudolph showed up on the back of a fire truck while Tyson was out at the shops. The firemen started handing out gifts to the kids while Rudolph danced and greeted everyone.

Christmas Eve was rainy so when we found out that bowling in Georgetown was only $5 per person we knew it was time to introduce the girls to bowling! They loved every second of it. They even did a really great job at waiting for their turn. Haddie was the most excited, asking each time someone finished, "it Haddie turn now?!" 

I love this sequence! And I love that little curly blonde running up to hug Tyson. Haddie was so supportive of everyone in the family and wanted to give us all high fives or hugs when we finished our turn. We had to make a rule that if you weren't bowling, you had to stay behind the line by the seats. We worried about Haddie getting hit in the head with a bowling bowl. So after every turn, the girls ran out to finish watching the ball hit the pins. 

Taryn was a natural. She used the ball ramp for the first half and then decided it was more effective to throw the ball herself. Tyson caught a video of Taryn's legs at the end of one of her turns. I guess she got anxious watching her ball and did a crazy knee shake. It's hilarious! I will have to put it on our YouTube channel.

I was a bit off my game. I really like bowling and discovered a few years ago that it was a hidden talent of mine. I only got 1 or 2 strikes this time, and Tyson won, which hardly ever happens when we bowl together. It's probably one of the only games we play together that he doesn't win consistently. Tyson even commented how "off" I was when we were playing. Guess that means we need a rematch ASAP.

Haddie's favorite part was helping me carry her bowl to the ramp and then pushing the ball down all by herself. She always exclaimed, "I DID IT!!!" and jumped up and down…another new talent of hers. She can get pretty high off the ground now with her jumps. She's been practicing :)

Those little bowling shoes looked so cute on them. And let me tell you what, this was the fanciest bowling alley I have ever been to. Pinstrips in Georgetown was amazing. I felt like I was at an adult only bowling alley, which I'm sure it was geared towards adults when built but thankfully they have a "Kids Hour" during the day too. There were comfy leather couches everywhere instead of those hard plastic chairs. They had a dining service where nicely dressed "waiters" attended to each lane, bringing various menu items (think waffles, fruit..and that was just for breakfast!) Tyson ordered a soda and because it was the only thing we got there, the waiter said not to worry about paying for it.  I guess they make enough off of all the other menu items that they don't need the $2-$3 for a soda! There was a full restaurant attached to the bowling lane, like a fancy Italian looking restaurant. We will definitely be going back for "Kids Hour" and maybe even a few date nights. 

PAC MAN! Nothing beats that!

We had a Christmas Eve dinner at our place with my sister's family and her in-laws. It was a quick dinner but still fun to get together. 

Then we headed to the Haley's church Nativity celebration. Their son was baby Jesus! When we arrived, all the kids got to pick what they wanted to be in the nativity. The had about 50 or so costumes of each child could participate. It was incredible!!! A lady came up to Taryn and said, "What would you like to be?" Taryn responded, "Yoda!" The lady was a bit puzzled and we were dying with laughter! Taryn ended up picking to be a sheep. Haddie really really wanted to be an angel! She loves wings and pretending to fly- and anything princess related. So an angel pretty much covers all that. She was in heaven. Both the girls had no qualms about standing on the stage when their parts were called, even when Haddie was amongst a ton of older girls in the angel choir. We couldn't believe how brave they were- and they only knew Logan! 

Speaking of Logan- he is the cutest! the following pictures show just how much our girls love him! 

Go Haddie! Plant a big one on those sweet cheeks! 

I think Taryn wanted to make sure he had a kiss on each side. Tyson just kept taking pictures of these three!

Oh Logan, you are adorable!!! No wonder our girls love you so much!

Little Haddie to the left, trying to eat her glow stick. The Methodist church pt on such a great Nativity for the kids. I was super impressed. Tyson and I said if we are ever in charge of a church Christmas party, we want to make sure each child has a part to participate in (And dress up!)

We didn't get to see Santa this year and the girls actually brought that up one day. So when Santa appeared at the end, the girls were super excited. They went up to Santa twice at the end! 

Christmas Morning!!!! So much fun!! When Haddie woke up she said, "Da reindeer eat the carrots??" and then did a munching motion with her mouth. It was adorable! Taryn was super excited to see what was under the tree. We took a picture of the girls waiting on the stairs. I love the bed head! 

Man, they are at such a fun stage in life. The simple joy they experience with everything. I love it! 

This was the Christmas tree bread. I perfected the softness of the dough ( the #1 for me) but each year I forget to make small cuts, and lots of them, for the branches. My tree is always stubby looking so I write this to make sure when I look up the picture again in 300 days, I will be able to remember to cut more and small on the sides so my tree looks more like a tree! After 6 years, I'm getting closer to the "Smith" look. Tyson has been very patient. I guess it would help if I made more than one each year, too. 

Tyson's brother gave him a ASU blanket. Taryn quickly claimed it as hers (she was watching Inside Out- our family christmas movie for this year)

Modeling my new apron from my parents. 

Looking so sweet in their Christmas dresses!!!!

Each year my friend Lynne (mother of Logan above) gifts us these yummy homemade chocolates and she and her mom make each year. It's like a little surprise with every bite. I true labor of love!!! We devour them each year and I'm so glad I remembered to take a picture BEFORE I ..ah hem…I mean…we….ate them all ;)

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