Friday, January 1, 2016

At the Washington D.C. Temple- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- Christmas Lights!

We had so much fun going with the Haley's to see the Washington D.C. Temple lights. The different nativities from around the world are always fascinating! The kids had a ton of fun together and Taryn had a hard time saying goodbye but that just shows us how much she loves Logan! We love the Haley's and they always make outings together so much fun.

The weather wasn't bad either- just chilly enough for winter coats but not painfully cold like it has been in the past. I've loved this warmer winter but I know it won't last forever. Thank you, El Nino. 

Haddie looks super grumpy in this picture because as I found a stranger to take our photo, I walked forward to hand him my phone and tripped Haddie who was right underfoot - and I couldn't see her. She came within centimeters of face planting onto the curb. It scared me so bad realizing howthat could have been. Luckily she put her arms out and saved her head. I remember Chris's face of horror- I'm sure I had the same look on to. We were grateful it was only just a small fall and not a head injury! 

The kids were all over this camel! There was a special little moment where the kids went up super close to the nativity outside as a recording quoted scripture. It was such a great little moment.

These silly kiddos! 

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