Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Little firemen, makeup trials, play dough, best friends and hummus feet

The many silly faces of Haddie!

Mama's shoes are always a good idea.

Fall lasted a good LONG time this year and it was wonderful! The slightly cooler weather made for perfect park days. 

Just what every kid should be doing, playing in the leaves!

When we all met up at the park, Ali (another mom) brought Costco pizza for the kids and they were the happiest little bunch there ever was.

Taryn's friend, Ethan, took this photo. It's the cutest little heart held by the cutest chubby little fingers. 

Our girls recently discovered how much fun twister can be. We first brought it out with our friends, the Carltons. We played it several times since. 

Haddie has scootering down now!

And I'm pretty sure that with a little practice, Taryn could totally ride a bike without training wheels. We just have to wait for all the snow to melt!

There are those quiet moments where the girls play so so well together. I try to remember to snap pictures so I can remember that although there was fighting, there was a lot of happy play. This morning as the girls were trying to make each other laugh (their new favorite game), Taryn said, " Mama, Haddie is my best friend. " I love hearing those words!!!!

Speaking of best friends, Haddie and Olivia are connected at the hip and always give each other the biggest hugs when the see each other for the first time that day. They follow each other around and have so much fun together. 

We love Firehouse Subs so it's a really good thing that the nearest one is about 20 minutes away otherwise we would be tempted to go there all the time. This was a special trip when Daddy had New Year's Eve off. 

We were having a picnic on a blanket in our front room and Haddie thought her hummus would taste better on her foot than on her carrots. Ew!


And then this little girl got a hold of my makeup and thought should would make herself "bootiful." She walked around with this adorable little smile, showing off her makeup and was sad when we had to wipe it off at the end of the day. 

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