Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tyson's AZ trip

Tyson went out to Arizona a few weeks ago because his nephew Jayden (who is more like his brother) returned from his New York mission. Tyson arrived just a few hours before Jayden, Janette & Ken' flight so he waited in the airport with these adorable faces! Oh man- we miss them all! It's really hard living so far from family! Everyone is changing so much. I feel like everyone has braces or they've grown at least a foot!

Jayden returns!!!! 
Just a few days after returning, he jumped right back into school at ASU. We're so glad he's home now! Tyson gave me a brief synopsis of Jayden's homecoming talk on Sunday and was really great at keeping me in the loop of what he and others were up to while he was in Arizona. Taryn & Haddie looked forward to FaceTiming with Tyson every day. 

Tyson took this pano of his parents home. We miss visiting! We don't see Palm Trees on this side of the country. 

Tyson texted me this photo of Caleb who lost his tooth! 
Taryn is fascinated with kids loosing their teeth. There is a YouTube video that she likes to watch about a boy loosing his tooth and accidentally swilling it! We had to make sure that Caleb didn't swallow his.

Tyson talked about how he was trying to get Harper (2 months older than Haddie) to warm up to him. I'm not sure if it worked during this trip but maybe when we see her again this summer Tyson will be a familiar face. Those babes grown so quickly!


Tyson had lots of fun adventures with family, trying out new places that are now on our "Must Try" list when we go to Arizona this summer, catching up with family and being able to see Jayden after two years! I really can't believe it's been 2 years since we were in Arizona for an extended time. (We made a 30 minute stop after Lake Powell before boarding our flight a few months after but it was so short, I don't count it) 

We're so grateful for family! Even though we live far away, it's great that we can still stay connected through texts, FaceTime and emails. We're all super excited to see them this summer!

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