Thursday, January 28, 2016

A little Smith family Star Wars Fun

There has been a lot of Star Wars talk around our house and I believe Tyson has done a great job this past year at making sure we've seen every Star Wars trailer for "The Force Awakens" at least a dozen times. He even watched several Star Wars movies with Taryn to make sure she was being raised right :) The girls love it and we took them to see it! We were surprised they made it through and Haddie at only 2 years old did so great! Only asking to go home 2-3 times, she sat through the movies as if it was nothing. 
We constantly use our light sabers where the girls like to pretend Tyson or I are "Darf Badore."
The girls are also in love with BB8. 

This one makes me laugh every single time!!!
Tyson has an app on his phone that makes these amazing selflie's and also has sound clips from all the characters. Taryn and Haddie point out every Star Wars item that they see in the store and Taryn asks to get whatever it is for Tyson's birthday :)

These are so great!

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