Saturday, August 1, 2015

Huntley Meadows Round 2- The perfect outdoor escape

We love this place! It's been awesome to see it through the seasons and how it changes and what animals are out playing. We picked an overcast day to go explore the wetlands and it looked so different from the last time we were here in January!

 We saw lots of giant butterflies (though the one pictured is just normal sized), turtles, geese, colorful birds and the Great Herron and cranes. It was fantastic!

We spotted lots of turtles at one point along the trails and stopped to take a gander. 

The beautiful wetlands and one handsome guy :)

Ok- I know I may look sassy but I was trying not to laugh as I had a mouth full of granola bar and Tyson wanted to snap a shot.

The best way to top off the day was with a free slurpee (or slupers as Taryn calls them) on 7-11. This was the first slurpee that Hadleigh has ever had and she gobbled it up. Thankfully we only filled it less than half way!!!

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