Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We felt like the only ones there. Huntley Meadows Park

On New Year's weekend, we discovered this beauty! Huntley Meadows Park is about a 20 min drive for us which means we went from city life to country life. Ok- not quite- but close. We LOVE where we live! You can go to big city and then find yourself basically in a forest within 30 min. It's really amazing. We felt like the only ones there that day. It was quiet, peaceful, and awe-inspiring. The pictures my make it seem blah- but it was anything but that! Yes- we want to see what Spring is like here, but winter isn't too shabby at all!

We saw so many Canadian Geese (Scott Family Bird.) If you don't know much about the Canadian geese, well, then you should do some research. Some of my favorite quick facts about these beautiful birds: They mate for life, they stay in there family groups, when flying in a "V" they honk to one another as encouragement, I could go on and on! That's why it's the Scott Family Bird. We also have a Scott family tree but maybe I will share that one when we make a special trip hopefully in the coming years :)

Taryn turned around to "shush" us when we got closer to the geese. She wanted to be sure to get a good look at them - up close and personal. 

The board walks went all over so you could get and up close and personal view of everything. There were large beaver dams further out in the water and we even saw a Great Heron bird perched on one dam.

Taryn saw a few kids with sticks and one boy poked at the ice. Taryn quickly found a stick and had so much fun poking the ice and breaking through to the water. It was pretty thick ice so it took a few pokes each time. The sound echoed through the park- making us feel again like we were the only ones there. In the picture above, Taryn was worried about falling in so she had me hold her. Earlier she was poking the thick ice from the board walk all by herself.

It's amazing how much the D.C. metropolitan area has to offer. We still have SO MUCH to see and do!  Glad we got to discover this beautiful spot and hopefully we will be able to share it with visitors (wink wink!)

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