Thursday, January 29, 2015

Painting at the National Portrait Gallery

So have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE living here?! :)
The National Portrait Gallery has a different free art activity for the kids each Friday. A few weeks ago we went with our little friend Logan. Taryn's snowman started out looking great! Adding buttons, a scarf, etc...And then she decided to go more of the abstract route and created a beautiful "snowman" that covered the whole canvas paper with greys and blues. We all know the snowman was underneath somewhere! :)

It was actually really beautiful and we took it home to dry and hang up on Taryn's art wall. We will definitely be going back for more mini art classes! I loved that each child got a little canvas paper- it just made everything seem that much more "official" and you had the option of wearing an art smock too (or old dress shirt!) The teacher made a beautiful snowman to use as an example and it was amazing. I have so much appreciation for those who can creat such wonderful works of art with their own two hands. 

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