Thursday, January 8, 2015

Small children, small problems. The perfect, un-perfect day.

These two sweeties! 
The other day we had a day of playing in the snow and then staying inside and keeping warm.  I thought at the end of the day that it had been a perfect day. But it wasn't perfect by any means. There were a few great tantrums/meltdowns and a short lived nap
(and one sleep deprived mama!- who am I kidding, we've all been sleep deprived lately!)

I was surprised how much I had loved the "home day" though.  Maybe it's because we've been out and about a lot lately trying to do as much as we can while it was still 40-50 degrees. Because I knew as soon as those pesky 20 degree or below temps snuck in- with that wind- oh that blistery wind!- we would be inside a lot more. 

It was one of those "chill" days where you just go with the flow, nothing but breakfast, lunch and dinner times to navigate through. I know these simple days are coming to an end soon so I'll be grateful for these days I still get to have with my girls before they get older. 

And maybe I will start being grateful that my children's tantrums/meltdowns are related to small small problems in the grand scheme of things ( having to clean up toys, getting dressed for the day, sharing) because as they get older, their problems get bigger and more challenging too. 

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