Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Everyday scenes - keeping up with these girls

When the girls go to bed, Tyson and I do a final sweep of the home. It always makes me laugh to see what random places the girls toys end up! I have a ton of pictures like this one :)

When I am making dinner, Hadleigh is camped out by my feet. Lucky for me, the tupperware keeps her very occupied. Taryn usually goes for the kitchen utensils (tongs) so by the time dinner is ready, these girls have "cooked" their own dinner too.

A welcomed nap during Sacrament meeting on a Sunday. 3 o'clock church is tough!

Our little banana eater! Every day we hear, "nana?!"

Cars, animals, and ponies. I think she was making a farm. Or it was a war.

Texts to daddy saying "hi" in the middle of the day

And these two silly girls playing with Daddy and the sunglasses in the store. 

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