Monday, January 5, 2015

Argentine Facturas

So very excited!!!

We were on our way to visit the Huntley Meadows Wetlands this past weekend when Tyson realized that we would be passing the best little whole in the wall Argentine restaurant and bakery. They make facturas and empanadas that are as close to the real thing that Tyson has tasted since his mission in Argentina. We have a few friends who served missions in Argentina as well and they agree this place is the best. Since we hardly ever head down that side of Fairfax County, we decided to stop for a little after breakfast factura treat. Tyson went inside with Taryn to pick a few that he remembered to be delicious.  Hadleigh loved hers and Taryn ate about 1/2 before she decided she didn't care much for the dulce de leche. 
It was a nice little pit stop on our way to a new adventure. I seriously can't wait to go to Argentina with Tyson someday to try the real deal!

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