Saturday, August 29, 2015

Aunt Brooke comes to visit!

Waiting to pick up our Costco pizzas is always a good reason to share a little frozen yogurt!

My youngest sister Brooke came to visit!!! She was kind enough to take time out of her summer in-between semesters at college to help out Brittany with the twins. I am definitely receiving all the benefits of family coming to visit the babies and help out!! Please- more visitors! :)

It's so nice that I only live one city away from my sister and that it only takes 10 minutes or so to get to her house. I find myself finding reasons to stop by way more frequently now! It's fun to just drop in for a few minutes while running errands. Hadleigh knows exactly where we are when we pull into Brittany's apartment complex. She always says, "Mimi (Brittany), babies?!"
It's even better when family is visiting because then I have even more reason to swing on by. We really miss how close we lived to so many family members in Arizona. Never take it for granted!

One Sunday night everyone came to our house and as we were feeding the babies and chatting, we realized that all the girls were on one side of the room and the boys on the other. The girls heavily outweigh the boys! (Though in this picture, Braden is in Hadleigh's lap)

Brittany has been trying to get out more and more so we join her for walks and little adventures. This walk was down the street from where she lives. My girls were happy to play at a new-to -them park. Also, note my very luxurious double stroller. Ha! We thought we would be able to get away with not owning a double stroller but with some upcoming adventures we will be buying an inexpensive umbrella stroller for Taryn. She's good for 90% of the time but that 10% can be brutal (for us and her!) But until then, our method works! And Hadleigh actually loves it too!

Brooke joined us for our ward temple trip. 
She had a friend from her Jerusalem study abroad come out the same day as her to Arlington- visiting family that was in our ward who just had twins as well! And they both stayed for two weeks- all the similarities were becoming kinda creepy at that point- haha! 
 So Brooke and her friend Marty were able to catch up at the temple, meet up in D.C. for little adventures at some museums etc… it was so nice the days that I was unable to play with Brooke and Brittany said it was good to learn how to juggle the twins on her own. 

A stop at Good Stuff Eatery is always a good idea when we have visitors! 

We also decided to take on Mt. Vernon! 
Phew! I was super impressed with Brittany taking this on with Cora & Braden only being 1 month old and all the walking there is. She took breaks to feed them, nursed them while walking (!) and changed diapers on the go. She did awesome!

I loved watching my girls get so attached to their Aunt Brooke! Haddie would like to call her "Bookie" and both Taryn and Haddie loved playing with her. 

When did Taryn get so big!!?? 

These rams were so loud when they chewed their food! I couldn't stand there too long because it started to creep me out hearing their teeth clicking together so much. 

Taryn fell in love with this horse. He was so calm and gentle. Haddie asked all day long to see another "horsey" as they were being ridden around the Mt. Vernon property but as soon as she got up close and personal, she was terrified and didn't want to touch it. 
I rode horses for about a month growing up and I kinda wish I had stuck with it. The horses terrified me too though. I felt so small and incapable of controlling such a large animal. I will always have a sweet spot for horses and I look forward to the day my family and I can go horseback riding all together- hopefully the opportunity won't be too far in the future. 

Thanks for visiting Brooke! You are so fun, happy and always such a big help! It's always great to be around you. We miss you!

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