Thursday, September 3, 2015

Date Nights

Jurassic World!!! 
Our date night/celebration of Tyson passing his Customs Broker exam.

Over the past 6 months or so, Tyson and I have really pushed for date nights more than we've ever done before. We're actually getting babysitters now and realizing how amazing that is! We've made it a point to do better at dating each other and it has been the best! A huge part of it has to do with how little we saw each other during the week because of our work schedules. I mean, who wants to only see their spouse for about 30 minutes (if that!) in the morning and about 2 hours (again- if that!) a night! I realize that there are others who see their spouse a lot less but it just wasn't working out for us- we missed each other too much! So we knew we needed to be proactive about date nights and it really has made all the difference. Even now that I work only a few nights a week, we still plan and prepare for date nights so that we can spend time with just us two which is really important.

Going to the Washington, D.C. Temple. This was a much needed date that was made possible by our ward family providing amazing babysitting (thanks Mason!!) so we could go for our 4-5 hour round trip Temple outing. 

We got to see one of the few minutarure displays of what the inside of a temple looks like. Here is the D.C. temple. We were told that there was one more in Utah ?? Elder Eyring came and dedicated it a few months ago. It really was amazing to view. 

One of our favorite recent date nights was to Wolf Trapp, curiosity of Tyson's awesome boss who gave Tyson a gift certificate, where we saw The Music of John Williams. It wasn't our first choice of performances but we thought it would be fun. OH.MY!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!! And that is an understatement. We were grinning ear to ear the whole time. It's incredible how much emotion can be put to music. We felt scared during "Jaws," felt triumph with "Star Wars," and a youthfulness with "E.T." There were so many great compositions played. 

At one point Darth Vador came out and fought with a bass player then took over conduction the National Symphony Orchestra, whom, by the way, are phenomenal. I would love to see them again soon!

We went to an Italian place (Bertucci's) one night because we had been given a gift card there. 
After we walked around Old Town Alexandria, enjoyed a little ice cream from "Pop's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Company and chatted on the pier.
Getting out and spending time together is just what we need after a crazy week of work, to-do lists and schedules.

Here's to fun date nights!

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