Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Smith's WalkArlington Nature walk

So living in Arlington is like the best thing ever. It would be even greater if there weren't any mosquitos or humidity, but it's still pretty amazing. I love that you can feel apart of a big, well established city with so much to offer but also feel like you are in the middle of the woods without going too far. 
We've recently discovered WalkArlington and have taken to the trails! Nature walks are a lot of fun with these three below. 

Part of this nature trail had eagles and various owls to view in cages (sad….I know…when their natural habitat is all around them but they are stuck inside…hopefully not for too long) It was amazing to see these beautiful birds so up close, watching us. Taryn was in heaven! 

This little Screech owl was about the size of a Furbee (helloooooo 90's!) It was the cutest little thing and Taryn loved how it kept winking at her.

 A community garden got lots of our attention as we walked about viewing the tomatoes, squashes, flowers, caterpillars, peppers and of course, tons of butterflies.

I love Haddie and Taryn's joy for life. It's contagious! 

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