Friday, September 25, 2015

The end of Summer ?!! Planning our future summers and a love letter to my amazing little family

I'm looking forward to posting about our awesome Labor Day weekend with family, but until I can spare more than just a few minutes to sit down and write about it (and finish grabbing pictures from our family "Airdrop" folder, I'm going to re-cap our summer fun!

I'm not sure if Glan Carlyn Springs can count as "End of Summer" since it was so chilly in the morning air, we put on our sweaters. They were off by noon but man! I'm loving our Fall weather. It was like a flip was switched, it was the beginning of fall, and now everything is changing colors (slowly) and we have to bring jackets early on in the day.

Before the official Fall started, we ventured out to a new section of Glen Carlyn Springs to throw rocks and walk the beautiful paths. This area never ceases to amaze me with its' beauty. 

I love that Hadleigh found this spot all by herself, positioned herself like that in the above picture and stayed there for a good long time just putting her fingers in the water. So calm, so happy.

Getting Hadleigh to smile is usually super easy but I guess she just wanted to keep walking and playing. even my tickles didn't work well enough to keep her interest! 

Love this little girl!

We decided to teach the Taryn how to really throw the frisbee. Taryn was picking it up really quickly. Then she got hit in the face. On the cheek bone! It gave her a little black eye for church the next day. Oops! But she tried it again that following Monday when we were out at the park! Way to get back on the horse! ;)

Oh man Haddie- I'm not ready for you to be a two year old yet! You can even scoot (slowly) on your big sister's scooter !??!?!! Sweet sweet girl!

Gorgeous sun set after frisbee throwing.

We received some fun free tickets to a near by water park. It was AMAZING! We will be back every summer until the kids are about 10 years old (the age at which they will most likely out grow this child focused water park) Our girls were born to be in the water! They are also little dare devils. Oh man! I just love their spirit for life and all things fun and exciting. They keep us on our toes. 
We passed a Duck Donuts, which we thought was only in North Carolina where my younger sister just moved with her family. So when we spotted it, we stopped by and grabbed a treat. Donuts hot off the press and custom made!??! SOOOOO GOOD! No other donut has compared since. 

Just a sampling of some more summer fun. I kept thinking the whole summer about how fast time is flying by and how our little girls keep getting bigger and bigger. Tyson and I talked about family vacations and what we wanted to do with the next 12-13 summers we have with the girls before college. That's not a lot of time to squeeze in everything we want to do but I guess we have to make it work. I love my little family and who they are and that they make me want to be better every single day. It's not easy making it through the day to day, whining, fighting and life's little bumps along the way but really, I feel like we've been blessed to go through everything together.

Those moments where Taryn becomes "super sister" and helps Hadleigh in the kindest, sweetest way, talking in the most adorably sensitive voice or when Hadleigh asks Taryn with the biggest concern in her voice, "Wha happen Tee Tee?!" if she is crying. Those little memories I hope to keep close in my heart and never forget. I love coming from a busy day to our little place we call home and feeling peace there. And getting to see my sweet husband every day, though some days our time together is limited with our work schedules, we've tried super hard at making every moment count. Tyson is just the best ever. While getting ready the other day I thought about how caring he is, how he is always wanting to do better and be better- man, he is such a great example to me. I know it's been said so many times before but it's totally possible to fall in love with someone more and more each day. You share more together, love each other even with their faults, and are made stronger by their strengths. Maybe it's because I've been thinking a lot about how we've been married for almost 6 years now but I really picked the best man out there! So to my little family, I love you every day more and more.

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