Friday, October 2, 2015

Labor Day fun with the Scott's

So it seems that anytime Tyson and Smitty get together, we happen to snap a picture of them pushing kids in strollers! They are such great Dad's. 

Over Labor Day weekend, Brittany & Seth blessed their newborn twins and it quickly became a family affair. I am reaping the benefits of having a sister who lives so close by because when family comes to see the new babes, I get to see family too! Serious win win! We wished we lived by more family!!!!

We joined the Oregon Scotts for lots of classic adventuring through D.C. It was a blast and I loved seeing Taryn glued to her cousins, and Haddie as happy as could be with so many fun playmates around. Cousins have a special bond and it's amazing!

Chatting it up with B-Ray.

Oh my goodness, Taryn is a little thrill seeker! And she LOVES anything that moves! She saw the "Bug Guy" out and about in the Natural History museum and went straight to him, asking to hold his hissing cockroach. Ya- I was disgusted, but she followed him back to his cart and continued to hold various insects. She is one brave girl!

The cousins joined in on the fun….

And Haddie was right behind, not wanting to be left out. She didn't wince once! She eagerly held out her hand and didn't move a muscle while she held each one. It was incredible!

That grasshopper was HUGE!!!!

Jen had made up a list of "Places to Eat at in D.C." We were so happy that some were places we hadn't been to yet but were wanting to try. We joined them at 2Amy's and loved it. Seriously the pizza was great but the service is what had me at "hello." One of my kids spilled a bunch of water on the floor from their drinking cups and when I asked the waiter for napkins, he cleaned it all up for me. I really wanted to just cry really. I know -super weird but that waiter totally made my day. He was so happy to serve our table with more children than adults and he had a smile on the whole time. If you have kids, go to 2Amy's because they are amazing. It's just a double perk that the pizza is just a great!

Our little silly kids!

We were in the neighborhood on the National Cathedral so we stopped by- it was a super hot day but the gardens were lovely as usual.

These museums never get old! 
Air & Space Museum 

National History Museum

I had to include this picture. Taryn is such a good girl. She was super hungry for a snack before lunch but you aren't allowed to eat in the museums (which is a pain- I get it- but it's a pain!) So we went to the cafe to eat which meant she had to be separated from her cousins and that's never easy. But she was a good girl and sat and eat in the right area. Such a sweet girl. 

National Portrait Gallery

She comes up with those poses all by herself :)

I took the kids to a spray ground but it was disappointing when it was only half working that day and a bit windy. It was a nice little break but I wish it had been up to par!

Some Pedro and Vinny's for a busy day! All those kids were as happy as could be with cousins. 

A little night tour of the monuments at night was fun but a little crazy when we got separated from half the group (parking issues) and then their was a presidential motorcade that stopped traffic for almost 1 hour! At least we stopped right in front of the Lincoln so I stayed with the car turned off on a side street all the cars were pushed off to and chatted with Ben & Kenzie who were luckily right behind me so I had company. 

Waiting for the group to return from The Lincoln- see all those car lights?! It was nuts! 

WWII Memorial is beautiful at night!

Iwo Jima Memorial with glow sticks :)

More awesome Dad's pushing strollers :)

Some of the group toured the George Washington Memorial Masonic Temple. 

We hosted Tyson & Jen plus their 3 kids and Ben & Mackenzie plus Margot. It was a full house but it was fun! These kids were super excited to sleep in the same room Nataliegh joined the night after this picture.

Two blonde babes in diapers. Haddie loves being with baby Margot.

Braden & Cora on their blessing day. It was so very sweet to see lots of people gathered together to celebrate these two miracles. 

All the twins. Seth & his twin brother. The two teenage girls come from a family Seth knew growing up, Merrick & Berkleigh (Tyson & Jen's twins) holding Braden & Cora. That's a lot of twins in one place. 

Grandma Jackie doing her job that she does oh so well. Keeping those babies happy and sleeping :)

Kenzie and I with our babies. 

I was in love with Taryn's hair that day. She is a trooper and lets me brush it everyday and I actually do a different hairstyle most of the week . She has gotten so much better with me doing her hair and I would say we've both become more patient ;)

That sailor dress I wore as a toddler as well as my sisters. I love that dress so much especially because Taryn wore it too. That dress has withstand the test of time. 

My Dad and me. It's been forever since I have had a picture of just us two. 

That pose! Really- she does it all on her own!

The girly girls in the Sunday best. 

We took a walk around Roosevelt Island on Sunday night- another place checked off our "To See" List.

Overlooking the Potomac.

Haddie and Margot with Grandpa

On Monday we jumped on a charter bus and headed to Gettysburg where we met our terrific tour guide and learned lots about loading a gun back then, loading a cannon, army formations, etc… I know want to read everything about Gettysburg.

Practicing line formation. 

And more cousin play. 

As the family dwindled down due to flights, we enjoyed our last visitors at Holy Cow. We loved having family in town and watching the cousins bond together. It was an added bonus that Tyson was off of work the whole week so we had lots of time together as a family of 4.  We were able to do some classic stuff in D.C. and mix it with some new events and even new states! What a great way to spend our Labor Day weekend!

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