Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lots of curly hair and personality too

Little Miss T and H. We've caught some funny and adorable moments - from a few months back and I want to remember their personalities at this stage. These pictures are random but I love them all. 

Every once and awhile, she has my phone and takes about a billion pictures of her feet. 

Taryn's mini me! I remember looking down on Taryn years ago, kicking her little feet along in the stroller just like I do Haddie now. 

Sometimes the girls can be totally unpredictable. Like when Haddie bit the top of this flower bud off. When we found out, she was spitting it out saying, "Yucky popsicle!" haha!

We made crowns one day and Taryn decided at dinner that it was a perfect time to bring them out. Tyson and I ran with it and within a few minutes, we were talking with accents, raising our pinkies ;) and laughing together. These little moments are so much fun. 

Curls and Curls!!!! Haddie has endless curls! Taryn was the same at her age. I'm nervous that Haddie's curls will soon be hidden like Taryn's are so I snap away as much as possible to remember these luscious  locks. 

As Taryn's hair gets longer, we are finding more and more of what we can do with it. This beautiful little french braid looked so good on little Taryn! I'm learning a lot even though Taryn asks for "a break" from doing her hair almost every day :/

And Haddie who looks just like me when I wore this dress at her age! 

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