Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Haley's and Smith's visit Harper's Ferry (A Thomas Jefferson favorite!)

The Fall weather is absolutely beautiful and I'm pretty sure it's why I fall in love with the East Coast more and more each year! We went to Harper's Ferry with our great friends the Haley's a few weeks ago and it was a gorgeous! We couldn't have picked a better weekend to go and it's always better to have great company. 

These streets were very quaint and kinda reminded me of the Gilmore Girls set- nice and cozy neighborhood where everyone knew each other. 

These kids are so great! They walked around town with us and enjoyed it just as much as the adults did. Maybe it helped that we stopped by an old fashioned candy shop and picked up some Sponge Candy (amazing!) and red licorice strings. Also, in a town like this, we let them walk as much as they wanted. They were troopers for sure. 

We watched a demonstration of how Apple Cider was made in the old days. Taryn and Logan thought it was fascinating as did I. We also found out that people drank more apple cider than water because apple cider could be kept in barrels for months but fresh water wasn't always available. 

We hiked up to Jefferson Rock (where Haddie is picture above) where it was said Thomas Jefferson stood and observed the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers combining into one. 

There was a beautiful church on the top of the hill with very strong Irish roots. The land was given by Harper himself to be used for a church or school. 

The colors are so vibrant in the fall!

We walked over to the train tracks and walked along the canal, taking in all the beautiful surroundings. Being outdoors really lifts your soul!

Chris stood looking over the river with baby Carson in tow. 

It became a rock skipping/family picture taking adventure down by the river. 

The kids ended the day with rolls down the hills in the parking lot. I've got some fun videos of these kiddos that I hope to put on our YouTube channel soon (along with catching up on all our home videos from over a year ago!) Harper's Ferry was gorgeous and we loved being there with the Haley's. An Added bonus was crossing off West Virginia from our "States to See" list. 

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