Sunday, November 1, 2015

How we enjoyed Fall at the Farm and a few autumn activities

Having an eager helper in the kitchen can be such a great help. Taryn is always suggesting her ideas when we get going on a kitchen project and it's so fun to see how they turn out. I still remember when she cracked an egg all by herself for the first time and didn't have a single shell fall in the batter. Her face was priceless! Her excitement was in the air and I couldn't help but smile as she did a little surprised happy jump on top of her chair exclaiming, "I did it!!!" Those moments make all the messy ones leading up to it totally worth it. It may be one of my all time favorite Taryn moments- sharing something fun for me with her and seeing her happiness grow. 

I guess decorating cookies gets old fast?! 
So Taryn opted to finish her preschool "homework" after decorating several cookies, and licking the frosting off several more! 

This year we went to Cox Farms to experience the amazing slides (super long and high) and drink tons of delicious apple cider and eat apples. I'm not a fan of cider but this was seriously good stuff. The apples were perfect for a child's hand and the apple cider donuts (a first taste for us all) were super yummy. These types of activities really help bring in the Fall festivities. We were all super happy that we decided to go. 

Where does she get those ideas from?! Oh wait….from her sister!

There was a station in the middle of the farm that had barrels of cider that you could drink and cute little apples you could pick up and eat. It was awesome!

 Vroom Vroom! Good thing those bikes were "planted" in the ground! 

We jumped on the last hayride of the day and though it was frigid cold and were very under prepared, we loved it. That was the longest and most entertaining hayride we had ever been on. The girls loved it though we were all shivering- how did we not pack the winter coats?!

With the price of admission, we all got to pick out a pumpkin. Haddie picked one the first pumpkins she saw- a tiny pumpkin that fit perfectly in her hands. Tyson found his "perfect" pumpkin fast and after hunting for a minute, I found a great one. Taryn was very thoughtful about each pumpkin she examined. It took a bit for her to finally find one that was her "perfect size" - and oh how they loved their little pumpkins!

Scrunchy face at it's best!

Taryn was showing Haddie the art of balancing pumpkins on your head. 

And to the end the day, some monster Taryn feet :)

East Coast falls have been amazing and I fall in love with them more and more each year. It's ALMOST worth the humidity and awful mosquitos in the summer…..ALMOST….ask me next year and I know I will say it's TOTALLY worth it. 

We still paint pumpkins but I have a feeling that next year will be our first carving year. Tyson doesn't care much for it but I miss it!

Preschool has been a blast for Taryn. She has loved the creative days and playing with her friends. A few days before Halloween she came home looking "spooktacular!" with her spider hat! There is so much fun to be had in Autumn!

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