Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Zoo Trip in the Fall- all the animals come out to play!

A bright sunny glorious day in November where we can wear shorts and t-shirts…umm….that screams Zoo Day!
We watched the feeding of the otters. They always remind me of playful Taryn. 

Taryn & Haddie were fantastic all day long. I was super impressed with them. There was some whining about wanting to sit in the stroller but it lasted for only a few seconds really.  I have to tell you that this was one of the best Zoo visits we've ever had. We met up with a bunch of friends which meant we had a LOTS of kids trailing behind us! Zoo days can be long and hard (and fun!)  but in general, it's always a good time. 

Taryn & Naomi- I think they look like twins! And Naomi is one year older!

We were lucky that this Emu was behind a fence and behind another layer of netting because he definitely tried to peck at the girls. He was really cute, actually. 

Blonde & curls!

Beautiful fall trees all around. 

we saw the Flamigos for the first time ever. We've lived here for over 3 years and just now saw the flamingos?! How did that happen?

Haddie and Olivia clench those magic clip princesses all day every day. Some how we've been able to tell their dolls apart all this time. And these two girls used to be frenemies but now they are besties. We won't mention that one time Haddie felt generous and gave Olivia a big warm loving hug and made Olivia pass out because she doesn't like people in her personal bubble. Haha! I only laugh because she's  passed out multiple times before in stressful situations and luckily her parents are super calm when it happens and they know just how to wake her up. Me on the other hand…. well, I was holding my breathe too, hoping she would snap out of it quickly. Luckily, they are still friends and now Olivia welcomes Haddie's little gentle hugs. 

Haddie loved this little bird so much. Actually, when we headed to the zoo I asked her what she wanted to see. She told me "pink animals." And somehow I made it happen ;) Between this bird and the flamingos, Haddie (and Taryn!) were on cloud nine!

I tell myself to wear workout clothes every time I go to the zoo because I always end up sweating buckets because of the giant up hill venture we take to get back to the car. Well…maybe next time I'll listen to myself. 

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