Sunday, November 15, 2015

Our 6th Anniversary- Temple Trip and Dates

I love that we were married in the Fall. It's my favorite season and it just gets better being in a place where you can experience the leaves changing, the weather becoming chilly, and the moods of people becoming lighter. You can see people enjoying this time of year. I happen to enjoy it even more because I get to celebrate being in love. 

We celebrated our 6th wedding Anniversary on November 7th and everything aligned to make a fantastic day. Our ward planned a temple trip that day with babysitting scheduled so we were able to drop off the girls and enjoy a date to the Temple! The roads were lined with beautiful fall colors and it rained just a bit. Truly gorgeous. Returning to the temple on our anniversary always brings back vivid memories of the day we were sealed in the Newport Beach temple. It was an amazing day! 
On our way back, we learned our girls were the only kids to show up for babysitting so the babysitters suggested we have a mini date and grab lunch. We were happy to take them up on it and I was even happier when our lunch spot was across the street from Paul, a bakery I've been dying to try since we moved here. We may have gotten rained on but those were the best desserts we have had in such a long time. 

Tyson- wearing our wedding tie that his groomsmen & my brothers wore. He does this every year!

Tyson had the eclair and I had the Chocolate mousse cake with hazelnut cream. 
We felt like we were back in Europe. 

We spent the rest of the day with the girls and then while they were sleeping for the night, we had our babysitter come and take over so we could sneak out for our dinner date. I count that as 3 dates in one day! Or a marathon date! Thanks again to our friends who surprised us with a lunch date!

Uncle Julio's Mexican Food was amazing. I remember going to a Relief Society activity of "Our favorite things" one woman brought an entire bag of Uncle Julio's chips and salsa, saying she likes to go there at least once on the weekend. That meant it had to be good, right? Oh man. It's our favorite spot for Mexican food right now! Delicious!

I'm grateful that I have Tyson in my life and that we have two beautiful, spunky girls. Marriage is so much fun and I'm happy I get to spend eternity with my guy. 
Love you, Tys. 

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