Monday, October 12, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa Smith are home from Albania!

Silly girls and their silly faces!

Grandma and Grandpa Smith returned from their 3rd mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This time, they were serving in Albania for the BYUI Pathways program. They scheduled a "pit stop" in D.C. so they could come and see us before heading back home to Arizona. We soaked up every little moment we could with them! The girls love their grandparents so much! The one and one time they were able to have with them was priceless. 

I was nervous to prepare their first meal back in the U.S.A. but decided that tacos and burritos would be the best fit- phew! Thankfully they were a hit! And those "Hint of lime" tortilla chips are my new favorite chip! I remember that the girls hardly ate a thing because they were just so excited to see their grandparents. We knew they wouldn't get very many bites in because of how happy they were. 

Hadleigh loves the carousel as long as it doesn't start moving up and down. That smile of hers turned upside down and she was terrified the rest of the ride. Thankfully Grandpa was beside her to help comfort her. 

We took it super easy while Grandma and Grandpa adjusted to the new time zone and having traveled for forever! They were really tired so we just went with the flow and did what we could. It worked out really well for the girls too. We went to lots of parks and just talked while the girls showed their grandparents all their talents. I must have heard, "Watch this!" from the girls about a million times! :)

Sunday dinner was a huge hit! A version of "Chicken and Dumplings" casserole. We made this once in Italy and loved it. I have no idea why I haven't made it in the past 3 years! It was super yummy and another great American dish. Tyson really wanted to take a picture of me with it so here ya go!

This is my favorite photo of these two! Hadleigh took to Grandpa super quickly! 
Hadleigh takes to men very well. Nursery leaders- she goes to the men. Babysitters- she goes to the men. Uncles etc..…it's so hilarious! I love the bond that these two formed so quickly. 

Taryn tried on Grandma's missionary tag from Albania. She looked for it every day on Grandma when she came to our house. She would ask about it so she was thrilled to have a turn to wear it. 

Tyson was so happy to see his parents! (as were all of us!) Tyson took his dad to see his new job and then they went out for lunch together. While they played, grandma, the girls and I went to the park for a picnic lunch (pictured above.) We really felt so lucky to have them as quick visitors before they went home. It was great to hear of some experiences that they had first had and it was so wonderful to watch them love on Taryn & Hadleigh. 

Taryn had a good long melt down when Grandma and Grandpa had to leave before our church started. Here she is sitting on our front steps after they had pulled away, heading to the airport. She was crying and pouting so much. That pour girls loves her grandparents and her cousins so much. Any goodbye is a hard goodbye. 

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