Sunday, September 20, 2015

1st day of Preschool and 1st day of a new job! Lots of firsts for the Smith family

Taryn had been looking forward to this day for so long! She would ask questions about preschool all the time and talk about going to preschool to everyone she knew. I loved that she was so excited about it. I took her to pick out her own backpack and lunch pail and she played with them for days after, pretending she was going to school. We met her teacher and her assistant and found out that the teacher's assistant had her middle name. Of course, she adores her now! Taryn always makes sure that we are on time because she doesn't want to miss one minute! 

What is your favorite color? Red

How old are you? 4

Where do you live? Uh…in the United States of America

What is your favorite food? Mexican Food

What is your favorite thing to do? I like going…no I like going to the spray park and my mama can spray water at my face.

What makes you happy? When we play 

What do you want to be when you grown up? I want to be Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)

What are you most excited about at preschool?  I like playing

What is your favorite thing? Going outside

Haddie could feel the excitement but I'm sure she had no idea that all the excitement meant that she was loosing her buddy for 3 hours a few times a week. The first day she got a little sad but the 2nd day she cried good and hard for about 10 minutes on the car ride running errands. She's gotten used to it now and just asks for "Tee-Tee" every five minutes while she is gone. Their reunion is so very sweet. I love the giant hug that Taryn gives her little sister, as if they haven't seen each other for days! 

The two T's on their first days

Tyson started a new job and looked very dapper for his first day!
  I would say there were nerves and excitement that normally follow a new job.

We headed out to the car to find a praying mantis on the roof!
I took that as a sign (hahah!) to a great day ahead.

I caught this little moment on Taryn's orientation day. 
She came home saying from her first full day of preschool saying, "I heard Spanish! I learned Spanish!" Her teacher, from a Latin American country, blends spanish into her lessons and exposes her students to the beautiful language. Taryn has always been interested in other languages so I was super happy to meet her teacher and hear her story. Last year I did an early scope out of the preschools in the neighborhood. Tayrn joined me because I thought, "Why not get her opinion! She's the one that will be going there!" We visited a few and when Taryn walked in to this preschool she lit up, asking me questions like, "Where is my cubby?" "Who is my teacher" etc…She didn't give that reaction to any other classroom so I knew this was the right fit for her. Thankfully, she was admitted, because enrollment is famous for being cut throat. Phew! 

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