Monday, August 10, 2015

What would Summer be with picnics and water!!

Almost every day we wake up and start our day by packing our lunches. One for Tyson for work, and three for us girlies on our outside adventures. We always pack sandwiches (sometimes left over pasta from dinner the night before) and a variety of fruits and vegetables- cheese sticks are always a staple and water water water!!! We usually leave in the morning and don't return home until around 2pm for naps. So what we pack acts as snacks and lunch for the day. This way I know my kids are fed, hydrated and happy no matter where we end up for the day. 

All day - "don't drink the water!" 

This summer has been a blast. Maybe because I am not stressed all the time about feeding tubes, packing enough milk for the day, medicine schedules etc….. I can watch my two girls run around and play and it's just amazing. The progress Hadleigh has made over this past year has been tremendous and Tyson and I count our blessings every day that she eats and drinks all by herself now. 

Taryn's favorite thing to do is sit right under one of the buckets that once it's filled with water, it dumps all over you!

Hadleigh is always a bit off on where she lays down but she tries to be just like her big sister (Taryn taught her how to lay down and wait to get splashed) It's hilarious!

Our friends also let us play in the big backyard with their blow up pools. There are always doritos and some kind of snack to be had by all. Always a great time for chatting with friends (yay for totally awesome big backyards! They are so so rare here!!!!)

Love my curly hair girls!

Pure joy right there! Everyday Hadleigh says, "Park? Wet? Water? Slide?" That tells me she wants to get out and go explore for the day! She gets so excited when I pull out her "swimy soot" 

These two sisters can have a ball together!

Man, I know everyone says Hadleigh looks just like Tyson. I've only seen a few times where I could say- ya that's Tyson. I think Taryn takes after Tyson more. But I totally see myself in Hadleigh all the time. I'm going to be digging through my old photos so I can show everyone. It's incredible!!!

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