Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Sisters make the Best Friends" Grandma Larson

I love catching little moments where these two are being so sweet to each other. That's Taryn putting her arm around her sister while the other kids played school or something like it. 

We took a walk before dinner a few months back. Hadleigh had figured out that making crazy faces was all the rage so this is what I got! Of course, her baby had to come along for the walk too. 

By the end of the walk (which was not far at all) Hadleigh was being pushed in the baby stroller and Taryn made sure her baby was carried on her back because she was tired too.

On days where we work in the garden, it's super hard to keep these girls from wandering out in the cul-de-sac street- no matter how many times we tell them. Really, it's Hadleigh who has the problem so we have to stay very close by (which is hard when you are trying to get a lot of work done outside and trying to do it quickly!) So first thing I do is try to find lots of worms. It's never hard because Virginia has any bug and you can bet there are about 100,000 right under your feet- kind creepy really. But I gather up worms and put them in our front garden area and let them watch the worm wiggle and move. They love it and we get to work lots!

I really do love these moments of them helping each other. ….

… whatever form it comes….even giving your sister a ride in the kitchen on your blanket….pure fun right there!

Coloring buddies at church

We all thought it was hilarious when Hadleigh put this bucket on her head for the first time and walked around jabbering to herself. Now that she's gotten bigger, it's so much harder to get it off her head!!! 

Milk shake sharers


Playing in the kitchen we got for free from a friend. I love when others outgrow their toys and my girls fall in love with them. We're planning to do a little makeover to the kitchen soon.

Taryn and Hadleigh explored the Natural History Museum together a few weeks ago and loved it. Luckily we located the dinosaurs which had moved because that was the whole reason Taryn chose that museum! Nothing like a good ol' T-Rex to make my four year old happy!

My Grandma Larson hand stitched a pillow for me when I was younger. On the small pillow, she stitched the words, "Sisters Make the Best Friends." I kept that pillow on my bed for years and years. Even now, Taryn uses it to make her bed. It was a great reminder each day for me growing up that my relationship with my sisters mattered and I should strive to do my best to develop that relationship. I love each of my sisters!

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