Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tyson's 28th Birthday

Tyson turned 28 this past Wednesday!!!! It's always fun to have an opportunity to celebrate how awesome he is!!! And I'll tell you one thing, it was almost impossible to fit 28 candles on our traditional birthday bunt cake!! 

Taryn came up to me about a week before Tyson's birthday and she was so happy! She had figured out what she wanted to give Tyson. Light sabers!!!! She told me what colors she wanted to get too! Originally she wanted red and blue but apparently light sabers are a seriously hot item in all toy stores and department stores and it would have taken too long to get from Amazon….so it was pure like that one day we drove past a party store and I decided to check it out. Of course they only had 3 light sabers left- green and a few red. But Taryn didn't mind that one color was off (after she pointed it out to me and I explained everything) Tyson was surprised and Taryn was super excited to "fight with Daddy." She wanted ALL DAY to have their special light saber fight. They've already had plenty to follow. Everytime Hadleigh holds one of the light sabers, she pretends to fight with it and says "Arrhhgg Matey!!!" hahahah!

Tyson requested a good old burger and sweet potato fries for his birthday dinner and it was delicious. We were full until lunch the next day!

These girls LOVE their hamburgers!!!!

The long awaited light saber fight!!!

Happy 28th Birthday to Tyson! 
We love you and love celebrating how amazing you are. 

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